Press Releases


10/31/2017 – NetQuest’s Optical Network Analytics Enhances Threat Hunting for Cyber Intelligence Missions

06/13/2017 – NetQuest Enhances Cyber Intelligence Gathering with Industry’s First 100G Coherent Network Visibility Solution


06/01/2016 – NetQuest Expands Cloud-Based WAN Network Monitoring Functions within Alpine Patrol EMS

04/12/2016 – NetQuest Delivers High Density 10G Network Monitoring Platform for Accessing OTN, SONET/SDH and Native Ethernet Networks


06/12/2015 – NetQuest Expands its Intercept Access Portfolio, Providing Signal Intelligence and Selective Lambda Targeting in an Application Specific Appliance


09/12/2013 – NetQuest extends its Intercept Access Portfolio to Optical Transport Networks (OTN)