Element & Network Management

Alpine Patrol
Building Managed Cyber Intelligence Access Solutions for Network Interception and Monitoring

Alpine Patrol provides secure Element Management and Network Management capabilities to the NetQuest portfolio of Interceptor and Converger solutions, enabling scalable deployment without geographic boundaries. Equipped with a full suite of Topology, Alarm Management, Provisioning, Accounting, Performance and Security features, Alpine Patrol simplifies the management of the most complex cyber intelligence solutions.

Alpine Patrol’s graphical interface for network discovery results and its rich array of long-haul & metro network statistics help to create a cloud-based network analytics tool that is simple to understand and react to.

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Network administrators are empowered to efficiently monitor status and performance of the entire monitoring access infrastructure from any browser. By leveraging Alpine Patrol’s advanced Fault Management capabilities and being able to filter and correlate alarm conditions administrators can quickly locate, isolate and correct problems in real time.


Find out more about the Alpine Patrol EMS in the brochure.

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