OMX3200 – High-Density 100G+ Visibility

The OMX3200 offers a scalable packet processing node that enables seamless migration to 100G network monitoring architectures for helping SecOps and NetOps teams keep up with the constant growth in network traffic. The OMX3200’s modular 1U design provides deep visibility for up to 3.2Tbps of advanced traffic handling.

Support for Evolving Networks

As networks transition to 100G+ rates, the OMX3200 offers users cost-effective options for upgrading their monitoring infrastructure, including the ability to:

  • Extend existing visibility fabric and leverage deployed Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) for traffic aggregation and load balancing while offloading advanced packet processing functions to the OMX3200
  • Complement the advanced packet processing in the OMX3200 with cost-effective white box monitoring switches for directing traffic flows for further analysis


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