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Intercept Access

Specifically Designed for Intercept Application Probes


Gathering intelligence through real-time network monitoring is a key priority for communications service providers, as law enforcement agencies and other intelligence gathering institutions the world over demand selective access as a condition for offering service.

Traditionally, monitoring access for the interception market is performed by a collection of standard network elements that are forced into performing specialized monitoring tasks they were not designed for. Interceptors, on the other hand, are specifically designed to selectively access, filter, and off-load processing requirements for intercept application probes.

The Interceptors are a portfolio of purpose-built solutions which provide a comprehensive access strategy for a variety of intercept applications. They offer selective access to data traffic on a variety of packet or TDM service networks Interceptor Cascadesranging from high speed DWDM, OTN and SONET/SDH/Ethernet to low speed T1/E1 and DS0. All NetQuest Interceptors are equipped with bypass outputs that enable access and processing to the most deeply channelized interfaces while balancing cost when deep access is not required. With Interceptor, WAN to LAN media translation ensures Ethernet based tools can gain and maintain real-time WAN network access regardless of the WAN interface’s data stream speed or its framing attributes, tributary hierarchy, or protocol transport.


  • Lossless interception of multi-protocol data
  • Reduce CAPEX for monitoring and surveillance applications
  • Provide selective, real-time access to data of interest
  • Lower daily OPEX associated with network re-provisioning
  • Accelerate intercept applications by pre-processing and filtering


The heart of NetQuest’s Interceptor portfolio is its ground-breaking Auto-Discovery process. In applications where private line or virtual private line services are being delivered, bandwidth allocation and protocol usage can vary greatly because they are determined by the end-user’s specific termination equipment. This issue is further complicated by the dynamic nature of network provisioning, which can change on a daily or even hourly basis. Auto-Discovery eliminates the need for the test equipment used to analyze circuit utilization, the ongoing manpower needed to operate this equipment, and the subsequent task of re-provisioning traditional solutions.

Network Management

All NetQuest Interceptors support device management via our Alpine Patrol EMS platform as well as standard menu driven screens accessed locally via a serial interface or remotely via Telnet/ SSH.  All device management methods provide secure access through a multi-level password protection system that leverages Radius or TACACS+. The Interceptors also have integral Syslog support along with an SNMP V1-V3 agent that supports trap functionality, making it possible to audit and manage configuration changes and alarm notifications in a networked environment.

All Interceptors also include a machine-to-machine interface called GSCP, a proprietary UDP-based control protocol. Integrating GSCP with the other intercept applications enables presentation of a unified solution at every level.

Interceptor Products


DWDM technology is enabling exponential growth in transport bandwidth across Metro and Long-haul fiber networks. Despite the fact that these networks represent a tremendous opportunity for cyber intelligence gathering, monitoring access to DWDM networks can be extremely expensive and very complex to manage. Traditionally, determining the network content of all 96 wavelengths within the DWDM C-Band grid required many pieces of equipment and could be a lengthy trial and error process.

I-9100 100G/40G/10G/2.5G INTERCEPTOR

NetQuest I-9100 Interceptor provides 100G, 40G, 10G and 2.5G network monitoring access for automatic discovery and WAN to LAN translation of Coherent, OTN, SONET/SDH and Ethernet networks. This state-of-the-art network monitoring access platform includes comprehensive traffic identification and intercept capabilities for monitoring today’s global packet optical transport networks.


The NetQuest I-9010 Interceptor delivers a comprehensive 10G network monitoring access platform including automated network traffic discovery and intercept capabilities for monitoring today’s optical transport networks. Without any prior knowledge of the network provisioning, the I-9010 is capable of discovering and reporting the contents of a variety of packet or TDM service networks including OTN OTU2/OTU2e/OTU1e, LAN-PHY, and deeply channelized SONET/SDH OC-192/STM-64. Subsequently, the I-9010 enables selective targeting of precise data traffic by removing framing/transport protocols and routing this traffic to specialized Ethernet-based tools for deeper level analysis.


The NetQuest I-2400 SONET/SDH Interceptor provides non-intrusive, out-of-band, selective access to packet streams on concatenated or channelized SONET/SDH broadband links and backbones ranging from high speed OC-48/STM-16 to low speed E1/T1, fractional E1/T1, and DS0. In doing so, the Interceptor I-2400 enables Ethernet-based tools to gain access to packet data traffic independent of TDM transport network or protocol type.


The NetQuest I-500 Interceptor provides non-intrusive, out-of-band, selective access to packet streams on legacy WAN interfaces including E3/T3, E1/T1, fractional E1/T1, and DS0. In doing so, the Interceptor I-500 enables Ethernet-based tools to gain access to WAN packet data traffic independent of WAN input or protocol type.