Alpine Patrol

Alpine Patrol provides automated cyber applications access to optical networks via a network management orchestration platform.

Simplify WAN Monitoring

Alpine Patrol simplifies WAN monitoring by generating graphical representations of the optical network infrastructure and the devices used to access these networks.  Patrol provides a persistent monitoring approach ensuring critical surveillance is maintained via automated responses to network provisioning changes.

Alpine Patrol’s graphical interface for network discovery results and its rich array of long-haul & metro network statistics help to create a cloud-based network analytics tool that is simple to understand and react to.

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All Optical Switch Management

Alpine Patrol enables monitoring access to large scale fiber optic networks by managing industry leading all optical switches.  Optical switches from HUBER+SUHNER Polatis can be managed directly from Alpine Patrol.

Download the Joint Solution Brief detailing how Alpine Patrol is enabling automated mass optical network surveillance solutions.

Automated Fiber Scanning Application

NetQuest’s Alpine Patrol’s Fiber Scanning Application automates the scanning of large groups of communications cables to generate persistent network survey information across hundreds to thousands of optical fibers. Alpine Patrol leverages management of Polatis all-optical switches to connect individual fibers to NetQuest Interceptor auto-discovery engines and report changes to signaling structures over time by raising real-time alerts.

Optical Network Analytics

Cyber threat hunting missions are empowered to efficiently monitor network infrastructure via Alpine Patrol’s optical transport network analytics application.  The analytics application provides both current and historical tracking of the transport network's physical and virtual attributes via a user configurable dashboard view.  By leveraging Alpine Patrol's advanced analytics, administrators can quickly locate and respond to threats.

Learn more about how Alpine Patrol's optical network analytics can expose unique visibility into the evolving structure of the optical network.

Find out more about Alpine Patrol in the brochure.

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