I-9196 DWDM Wavelength Interceptor


DWDM technology is enabling exponential growth in transport bandwidth across Metro and Long-haul fiber networks.  Despite the fact that these networks represent a tremendous opportunity for cyber intelligence gathering, monitoring access to DWDM networks can be extremely expensive and very complex to manage.  Traditionally, determining the network content of all 96 wavelengths within the DWDM C-Band grid required many pieces of equipment and could be a lengthy trial and error process.

The NetQuest I-9196 is the first purpose-built full-duplex DWDM Wavelength Monitoring solution capable of discovering which DWDM C-Band wavelengths are in use and reporting the details of the traffic carried over each of these wavelengths.  This includes identification of signaling speeds from 2.5G to 100G and transport technologies including OTN, SONET/SDH and native Ethernet.  The details of the discovered DWDM network can be used to direct individual wavelengths to the desired network monitoring tool(s).   The colorless wavelength switching fabric within the I-9196 is protocol and speed agnostic making it the perfect choice for intercept and performance management applications.

I-9196 DWDM Network Wavelength Interceptor for monitoring 1550nm DWDM c-band lambda


  • Access to all 96 wavelengths within DWDM C-Band
  • Auto Discover traffic content on each individual wavelength
  • 2.5G, 10G, 40G and 100G including coherent signaling
  • Supports ITU Grid spacing for 50 & 100 Ghz
  • Report optical power on each wavelength
  • Target up to 8 wavelengths per monitored input port
  • Eliminate ROADM’s use for monitoring DWDM C-Band wavelengths

The I-9196 provides a cost-effective method to quickly discover the contents of a DWDM network and provide instantaneous access to the individual wavelengths of interest without any previous knowledge of the network's provisioning.

Learn more about this product in the I-9196 Wavelength Interceptor brochure.

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