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Does your organization view SecOps as a profit center? It should.

Does your organization view SecOps as a profit center? It should.

By Mike Seidler, Director of Product Management, NetQuest Corporation

SecOps, or Security Operations teams, have the ability to provide tremendous value to the organizations they work with. As technology continues to grow at breakneck speed, reliable SecOps will become absolutely critical to enterprise profitability. Don’t underestimate the merit a good SecOps team has on your organization’s ability to generate revenue — here’s how they’ve transformed the landscape of security operations for businesses worldwide.

Shifting the Perception of Cyber Security Value

The relevancy of good cybersecurity isn’t focused solely on regulatory compliance, loss prevention, and risk reduction; in fact, this fails to incorporate the primary goals of nearly every business, which is revenue generation and the overall growth of the organization. SecOps teams are shifting the perception of the value of data security by discovering new ways to use technology to solve customer problems and create value.

Helping Cyber Security Teams Drive Revenue

Many organizations see cyber security as a necessary drain on resources, not the potential for client opportunity and revenue that it can be. SecOps can help companies increase their bottom line, much more so than they invest in cyber security strategy.


They build relationships with customers who become loyal to your organization’s brand. SecOps teams that work directly with your customers to provide them with data security services tend to develop long-lasting business relationships with them that in turn create clients that are loyal to your brand. An established track record of keeping your own company data secure can also play a helpful role.

Strong network security principles appeal to customers by framing cyber security efforts as a social responsibility. SecOps can assist organizations with the reframing of their cyber security efforts in a way that demonstrates industry leadership and customer commitment. By helping your company develop an approach that positions data security as a moral and ethical social responsibility, SecOps teams can create messaging that better resonates with your customer base.

SecOps teams allow your organization to offer premier data security products and services at a higher price. The market for simple security solutions that customers can use to protect their data and privacy online is growing, and companies can offer these services as upgrades or add-ons to basic cyber security bundles for an additional charge. This enables SecOps teams to drive engagement with premium security solutions your organization provides.

SecOps teams can help you create a better customer experience. Today’s customers not only desire a strong sense of security when they’re making a financial transaction online, they absolutely demand it. Your organization can only create a rich, engaging experience for customers once your SecOps team has taken the necessary steps to ensure that your network’s security is top-tier and no area of your network is unprotected.

They establish and protect current and future revenue generation. Every organization has proprietary data and intellectual property that hold the answer to future growth and revenue generation. Your SecOps team can help your company ensure that your trade secrets, personal identification (PI) data, and business critical processes and data are protected. A close working partnership with your customers and your SecOps team shows that their PI, data, and business processes are under a watchful eye from malicious hackers and cyber attacks. This creates a meaningful perception and value that both companies’ successes are tied together.

Is Your SecOps Team Doing Enough For Your Business?

If your organization doesn’t have a dedicated SecOps team or your team isn’t doing enough for your company, NetQuest can help. We’ve been helping SecOps teams by providing comprehensive network visibility solutions solutions to organizations since 1987 and are committed to offering our clients unparalleled value for their investment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company drive revenue through smart cyber security efforts.

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