NetQuest Solutions Overview

The migration to a single, all-IP converged network presents the challenge of how to cost-effectively monitor a mixture of Legacy, SONET/SDH, and Ethernet networks. Companies in today’s telecom, lawful intercept, and enterprise markets are being required to monitor an increasing variety of interfaces and protocols in the converged network, making it impractical and cost-prohibitive to have separate monitoring tools for each type of network.

NetQuest’s solutions are designed to meet the expanding monitoring access needs of converged networks. Our products virtualize the access to physical and logical layers of a wide range of WAN and LAN interfaces and protocols by converging them to IP interfaces and protocols. In doing so, NetQuest is advancing monitoring access solutions by introducing new access means and methods while protecting the user’s investment in the existing and new network monitoring tools and reducing their obsolescence.

Monitoring Access Applications by Market

Telecom Enterprise Government
Consolidation of Network Access Tools
Performance Monitoring & Management
Traffic Engineering/Capacity Planning
Lawful Intercept & Access Mediation
Real-Time Traffic Stream-To-Disk Capture
Forensic Tools & Analytics
Billing Verification & Revenue Recovery
Market Intelligence & Analytics
Traffic Load Balancing for Slower Applications
Unattended Remote Distributed Network Access
Data Retention
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