Network traffic is continuing its steep growth curve driven by the sheer volume of IoT devices and the diversity of applications ranging from smart meters and automobiles to high-speed enterprise networks and massive global content delivery networks. Fixed and Mobile Service Providers have embarked on a network migration to 100G transport  technologies and beyond driven by these insatiable bandwidth demands.

Security and network operations teams are tasked with monitoring these networks as analytics tools struggle to keep up with the rising volume of traffic.  NetQuest enables persistent visibility into these telco networks by providing unique traffic monitoring solutions:

  • Unsampled NetFlow/IPFIX Generation
  • Mass Header Stripping and Tunnel Removal
  • Passive WAN Termination for Monitoring OTN and SDH Networks

Application Note: High-Capacity IPFIX Generation for Securing Internet Peering Links

As ISP peering connections migrate to 100G+, maintaining the required level of security is becoming challenging and costly for the Tier 1 carriers.