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High-Density 100G+ VISIBILITY


The OMX3200 offers a scalable packet processing node that enables seamless migration to 100G network monitoring architectures for helping SecOps and NetOps teams keep up with the constant growth in network traffic. The OMX3200’s modular 1U design provides deep visibility for up to 3.2Tbps of advanced traffic handling.

Full Visibility for Monitoring 100G Networks

The OMX provides users ultimate flexibility with a modular chassis design supporting four hot swappable modules. Each module can be software configured to operate in a specific operating mode based on the signal type the user intends to monitor. Refer to the OMX Operating Modes Tech Note for detailed information regarding supported signal types, port density information and advanced processing features.

100G unsampled IPFIX and NetFlow metadata generation and advanced packet processing for monitoring Ethernet, OTN and SONET/SDH networks.

Application Notes

Optimized Flow-Based Security Analytics Using Open Data Platforms

To eliminate network blind spots and overcome this big data dilemma, security teams are migrating from sampled flow data to full-fidelity network metadata for threat intelligence.. At the same time, network traffic is migrating to 100 Gbps and beyond, placing a heavy processing burden on networking equipment, compute resources and budgets. Very few network security solutions can cost-effectively meet the monitoring demands for today’s extreme scale networks.

High Performance Metadata Generation for Threat Identification

Security concerns are forcing organizations to make significant investments in both proactive measures to prevent attacks and reactive approaches to mitigate these. The OMX3200 generates continuous flow metadata for downstream security tools ensuring no potential threat goes undetected.

Automated Mass Cyber Surveillance for Optical Networks

Monitoring global optical networks defines the cyber industry’s Big Data challenge. How can automated survey across large cable plants intelligently enable on-demand access to targeted IP traffic?

High-Capacity IPFIX Generation for Securing Internet Peering Links

As ISP peering connections migrate to 100G+, maintaining the required level of security is becoming challenging and costly for the Tier 1 carriers.

Network Packet Broker Offload

NPBs cannot effectively scale to support the rapid increase of 100G networks. NetOps and SecOps teams must ensure real-time access to traffic without interrupting their existing network visibility fabric.

Monitoring Service Nodes

Combine merchant silicon switches for cost-effective 100G access and the OMX for advanced packet processing needs to ensure your security and monitoring tools have the visibility they need, while realizing significant CAPEX, rack space, power and cooling savings.

Cyber Threat Hunting Demonstration

The geographic expansion of the Internet, the multitude of connected devices, and the growing array of services and content continue to fuel network traffic growth. Maintaining security visibility and threat identification requires a visibility architecture that scales.

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